Frequently Asked Questions

What is respite care?

Respite services are provided if or when the primary caregiving goes on a vacation or is unable to take care of the service recipient for a short period of time. TD Joyful Care will step in so services continues. These services can be provided in home or hotel.

Who receives respite care?

Any adult older than 21 and funded through DDD can receive respite care through TD Joyful Care LLP.

Are any services covered by insurance or come at a cost?

All funding is through Medicaid and DDD. As long as you are enrolled with DDD.

How long does the services last?

Respite care in a hotel can last up to 2 consecutive week and in-home respite can last up to how every long an individual may need it for.

How do caregivers benefit from respite care?

Our caregivers benefit from the enjoyment of helping and assisting the individual. Personal caregivers and family members are given the opportunity to learn from our staff and free up some more time within their own lives.

Who can receive community based/ individual supports services?

Any adult older than 21 and funded through DDD can receive Community Based and Individual Supports through TD Joyful Care LLP.

What are some examples of community-based services/ individual supports services?

This service can be provided in home or in the community depending on the needs and wants of the individual. In-home supports range from daily care such as hygiene, cleaning, meal preparation, medication administration etc.; to entertainment such as reading, puzzles, crafts etc. Community can be anything outside of the residence the individual lives ex: movies, restaurants, bowling, mall, library, park museum etc.

What are the benefits of working with TD Joyful Care?

We live by our mission statement "Providing services with Joyful love and Care" we are very open and honest about services we provide so you know what you're getting from the very beginning.

Are individual support services similar to having a mentor or big brother/sister?

Although our staff are there to do a job many of our individuals get attached to our staff and look at them as family. Staff definitely treat our individuals like family while upholding our philosophy "serving with Joyful love and Care."

What are common misperceptions of disability services in New Jersey?

The word "normal/ normalizing" the question is what is really "normal"? Everyone does things the way they like or is comfortable to them but, when it's differently they are consider different or not "normal". Normal is internal. So normal is just simply being the best version or yourself you can be.